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It all started with words, and the urgency to get lost, to get away and leave the familiar behind. Getting in my truck, and writing while in motion through the American landscape, with my husband and our dog, or alone at times. Always looking for this sense of being stripped down of all unnecessary thoughts or concerns, and just wanting to feel alive, and just hear the actual baseline of my heart. 


The collection of texts written over the course of less than a year came together under the title “The Blue of Summer”, for all the skies I traveled under, but also as a reminder that I always feel kind of blue, no matter what the season I’m in.


The photographs were taken over a bit larger period of time, before I could put images into words, and after all was set on pages. All from the road, they are quiet testimonies of places I have been to, sensorial postcards of places where being lost meant finding something new, something true.


Anaïs Wade was born in Paris, France and raised in Italy. She has lived in Los Angeles for almost fifteen years. Her photographic work has been exhibited in Morocco, New York, China and Los Angeles.