“ELECTRIC KOOLAID BANANA” Curated by Marischa Slusarski


Does good art lead to intersubjectivity?


Psychological energy shared between two sources cannot be effortlessly explained. Source energy is not inherently intellectual. The process of creating art suspends time and space. It transforms, awakens, engenders physical impulses, and rejigs the banality of the quotidian.


Electric Kool-Aid Banana is a hybrid celebration of the revisitation of the psychotropic and psychedelic. As mainstream medicine reevaluates the administering of micro-dosing for psychological therapies converges with long-held spiritual rituals and practices, we explore the trend and diversify our perceptions.


Psychedelic art is prestidigitation. The sleight of hand of these artist’s methods, images and materials lead to surprising juxtapositions. Sensory implosions of vivid colors and forms; enigmatic, dreamlike musings; inexplicable, surrealistic Kafkaesque visions and more. The artists seek to disturb conventional constructs of beauty and physicality, reshape minds and hopefully lead to an augmented state of being.


And yet metamorphosis takes time and work. “The doors of perception are not so much cleansed,” as Aldous Huxley famously said after his first experience on mescaline, as they are “cracked open and left askew.”


Electric Kool-aid Banana forewarns, as we go hurtling into our very surreal future, we may be wise to reconcile the un-orderly, inscrutable and strange (as the ancients did) by subscribing to the religion of art and its kinship to broader positivity and spirituality.


Don’t flip your wig, just free your mind.