Araby Cove Map by Lynda Keeler


mixed media on canvas, framed

48" x 36"




The ever changing perception of what we see when we walk, drive or bike

through Southern California is the basis of my paintings and art

installations. Maps in particular have fascinated me for years. More than

just a way to plan a trip or find a location, they are conduits for real or

imaginary exploration, and can provide a sense of adventure and security.

Technology such as Google Earth and apps like MapMyWalk help establish

the starting point for these paintings and sculptures . The route topography

is transferred to the canvas to provide a structure and way to establish the

beginning and end points. Roads, architecture, signage, vegetation,

vehicles, vistas and scenic points are incorporated into abstract paintings

that show the results, both positive and negative, of the natural landscape

reacting to the built environment. Under layers of acrylic, oil, ink, fiber or

collage, the formal map becomes abstract and disappears into the painting.

Araby Cove Map by Lynda Keeler