Janelle Pietrzak



cotton, wool, plastic, sisal manilla, vicose on steel

30" x 30"


Janelle Pietrzak is a textile artist and co-founder of All Roads design studio, based in the high desert near Joshua Tree. With a history of over ten years working in the fashion industry, her textiles adapt to both functional and decorative craft.  Her work is a nod to nostalgic fiber art of the mid-century, but with unique color combinations and unexpected materials influenced by the landscape around her.  Through fiber, she explores varying textures and contrasting elements to create depth and richness in color.  Pietrzak covers a wide range in her practice, from commissioned art weavings, high end design collaborations, licensing and consulting.  Since moving to the desert in 2017, her work has been slowly adapting due to influence of a new environment.  Woven shapes suggest horizon lines, mountains and tonal textures. 


Janelle Pietrzak