Melissa Parke Rousse
 an alchemy of oolong tea . coffee . hibiscus infusion . schizandra infusion . watercolor . gold dust
40" x 30" on canvas






Melissa Parke Rousseau is an Artist + Herbalist. Always deeply creative, it wasn’t until her time as an undergrad that she began to dive even deeper into her explorations of the studio art + art history realms. From there, she went on to study metalsmithing at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA and to create her own jewelry line. And in 2008, she received her Masters in Art Education from The Rhode Island School of Design.

Today her work is an exploration + visual storytelling in celebration of fluidity + movement, our earth, sun, + moon, the elements of air + water, our sky in the morning, our sky at night, the cosmos, and the powerful duality of the divine feminine grace + strength. Each painting is a unique alchemy of tea, herbal infusions, spices, flower dyes, watercolor, acrylic, wax, metal dust, + gold leaf.

Melissa lives in Joshua Tree, CA with her husband and two pups.

Melissa Parke Rousse


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