Twisted Two


By Janet Levy & Maya Fuhr

Opening Reception: Friday November 8th, 6- 9pm

November 8th - December 1st 2019


Merchant Gallery presents Janet Levy and Maya Fuhr in a duo exhibition Twisted Two both artists are presenting new works created for the exhibition in relationship to the theme of sexuality and psychology. Initially meeting from a mutual attraction to each other’s work. They soon realized that both artists were daughters of psychologists. Once identifying this common bond the artists decided to combine an exhibition together. Although Levy and Fuhr works are different in context they intertwine in many ways. Levy’s primary work is sculpture supported by sculpture studies, collage and drawing and Fuhr’s installation and photography.


In Twisted Two, Levy creates new sculpture works using references to snakes mating and Bender-Gestalt Test, she carves seductive alabaster and onyx sculptures including hanging alabaster work in combination with rope. Fuhr explores her relationship between technology and material. A jpeg rolling through a printing process. Photographs presented as soft carpets pull you in with their complex algorithms. Psychological interpretations of her own fascination with textures and shapes. Like the Rorschach test which resonates with both Levy and Fuhr.


Janet Levy is a sculptor, her work focuses on the physical and conceptual exploration of stone: using primarily alabaster, onyx and marble, she creates abstract sculptural forms and installations; expressing an inherent desire to reveal what is concealed; She carves, binds, and hangs stone often combining with other materials such as rope, chain and metal. Drawing from inner tensions of opposing forces and emotional exchanges, She explores an enduring focus within her practice: to make the invisible visible. Referencing a physical force in nature to convey the emotions of underlying pressures, sexuality, tensions and desires. Levy is strongly influenced by music, dance and film and has recently in addition to sculpting included songwriting into her creative practices.


Maya Fuhr work discusses her aesthetic voice through a use of opulent and cinematic expression. It is both raw and surreal featuring a meticulous pairing of colour and light. Her collection is a combination of unique portraits in nondescript locations, still lifes featuring found objects and unconventional storytelling; all seamlessly inhabiting an oddly romantic world. Still, the work manages not to take itself too seriously causing a curiously unique humour. Fuhr's gaze finds itself fixed on things that vibrate in tune with each other creating image that resonate with emotion. Her work promotes an openness towards the details that otherwise go unnoticed in our daily lives. Maya Fuhr creates images full of warmth and honesty, allowing yourself to get mesmerized by the glinting colour fields and seduced by a detached yet intimate sensuality.


Janet Levy (Hermosa Beach, California) Lives and works in Los Angeles and Mexico City . Levy attended the Schule für Gestaltung in Basel in 1996. She has been awarded the FUKA-Fonds Grant from the City of Lucerne and the Arts Council Grant from Swiss canton of Obwalden. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in USA, Mexico and Switzerland including Los Angeles, Zurich, New York, Lucerne, Cry Me A River, Prospect.3+, New Orleans and a solo exhibition Butterfly Double at Museo de Geologia, UNAM, Mexico City. Her forthcoming exhibition Love Looks Like Fire will be Opening February 1, 2020 at Museo de Geologia, UNAM, Mexico City.


Maya Fuhr (Victoria, British Columbia) Currently living in Toronto. Maya’s work has been shown in exhibitions worldwide. Showing at galleries in London, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv and The AGO-The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. In 2017 She was awarded the Magenta Foundation Photography Project Award, enabling her to continue her series “Malleable Privilege”- a tongue-and-cheek investigation of her relationship with fashion and its impact on the environment.