For nearly a decade, and just about every day, Leigh Marling has been venturing out of his Venice studio to study his environment with his camera. SINKING CITY is a testament to that dedication and vision, a metaphor for the constant change happening to the people, places, and special things living in our 3.1 square miles of sand and sea. As Marling puts it, this exquisite series of double page spreads are portrait of Venice as “... one more alternative and artistic identity sinks away and another more materialistic version of Venice rises up...” in it’s place. The ocean is probably the one thing that all of us are here for. It’s something we can count on for it’s beauty. Day in and day out it will always change, yet never fail to provide us strength, breath, and perspective on our lives. Marling reminds us of this, and it is the through-line that carries us through SINKING CITY so eloquently.